SF Small Business Week honors Sue Fisher King!

SF Supervisor Catherine Stefani with SF Small Business Week honoree Sue Fisher King

“In this great city by the Bay, Sacramento Street in Pacific and Presidio Heights has been a well traversed shopping district with clothing and  home decorating boutiques, restaurants and  salons. Sue Fisher King, (aka SFK) is, hands down, the QUEEN of them all!” from a Yelp review.

Sue Fisher King – the  cleverly curated boutique on Sacramento Street has carried her name on its awning and store front since 1978.  At that time, Sacramento Street was uncharted territory compared to the shopping district it has become  – 40 years later.

Sue set up her retail boutique:  working tirelessly on her inventory, cultivating a team of great sales people and attracting customers who adored her selection.  As she worked on her own small business -other retailers and services were drawn to the neighborhood. Her store’s longevity and success have created a wide sphere of influence and has anchored the commercial district ever since. 

Her customers say, “SFK is legendary!”  “Fabulous.” “Simply stated, Delightful!”  “SUE-perb!!!”  “Sue’s eye for beauty, design, fabrication, and style is impeccably amazing!!”

She has been devoted to learning the trade  since an early age. Her first job was in retail sales at age 16 and prior to that her favorite toys growing up were a cash register, play money, and an invoice pad from her father’s business.

She learned the ropes of curation, style and buying from a sophisticated French mentor in her work at I. Magnin in the 1960’s.  When she became the buyer for Trader Vics  her influences grew even more global.  Yet she yearned to create her own  business in SF and decided to set out on her own.

From the beginning, she sourced fine beautiful bath linens, bedding, pillows, frames, books, ceramics, soaps and dishware from around the world.  Her love of travel and discovery led her to meet craftsman whose products she  introduced to the West Coast.  

“SFK is the last of its kind. It’s a true art form to create such a wonderful array of items. Her store is personal – everything has been sourced by Sue herself.”   Sue is in a class of her own a giant among local retailers and Bay Area style icons.  Through her love of culture and craftsmanship she has helped shape and define ‘home.’

Sue has survived several economic dips over her years in business. She says, “the financial landscape can change almost as frequently as the design scene.  We have had ups and downs. We’ve made it through recessions. But you change with the times.”

She adores her employees who faithfully stick with her, she thoroughly enjoys her customers old and new, and the thrill of the hunt for the next great product is still a passion.

Thank you for enriching the lives of everyone  who meets you and for passing on your great eye to the thousands of faithful and devoted SFK fans.  Your longevity as an original  San Franciscan small business retailer has set the for anyone who follows in your footsteps.  Your shop is a true SF original  – a place where good taste, luxe and whimsy co-exist with the  beautiful materials that you have personally sourced.    

As we celebrate your 40th year of business we recognize Sue Fisher King as the Crown Jewel of the Sacramento Street neighborhood shopping district and District 2’s  Small Business Week Honoree for 2019!